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The Avonic AV-LC70-1 is a separately purchasable license to unlock additional features on a CM70 series PTZ camera.

  • Tally light
  • Customizable color matrix
  • SRT streaming

It is only valid for a single camera and needs to be registered with the camera’s MAC address that can be found on the camera box, on the sticker beneath the camera or from the camera's web GUI (NETWORK > Ethernet tab) as shown in this example below:

Ethernet Settings

If you have purchased from your local distributor the license to unlock these premium features, then you can enter the License key in the camera web GUI as shown below (SYSTEM > License tab) and click the button SAVE:


* Reboot is not required as the license is instantly activated

Please note:

  • Once the license is entered you will have access to the SRT feature (VIDEO > SRT tab) and the CCM -Customizable Color Matrix- (VIDEO > Camera Settings tab) but not to the Tally light which is controlable by serial or IP (See the supported commands in the user manual of your camera). *Only in the CM70-NDI, your will find the "NDI Tally light" in the web GUI (NETWORK > NDI)
  • License will be removed if the camera is reset to default but you can enter again your license number once back into the web GUI (SYSTEM > License)