1. Locate your specific camera model on our website > Products > Cameras
  2. In the Download section, look for the firmware package. For example, look at the highlighted image below:Firmware Download
  3. Download, open, and extract the files to a convenient location on your computer.
  4. If needed, follow the upgrade procedure explained in "How to update a CM40, CM70, or CM90 series camera"

Note: As shown below, the firmware package is composed of several files:

The two firmware files required to upgrade/flash a camera, are:

- ARM firmware (like in this example: CM70_series_32M_ARM_V3.2.7_20221217)

- UVC firmware (in this example above we have two UVC firmwares: "AV_CM70_IP_B_T.." for the Black version, and "AV_CM70_IP_W_.." for the White version because in the CM7x series the UVC firmware is color-dependent! Therefore be sure to select the correct UVC firmware before upgrading)

Into the same firmware package, you will also find other files like:

- The Release Note PDF lists new functions and changes made into the current and previous releases. 

- The Update_readme text contains instructions on how to perform the camera firmware upgrade.