Note: "Rotary dial" is another way to call the "System select" switch at the rear of the camera and as shown in the image below.

There are five ways to select the video output of the camera: 

- OSD / On-Screen Display (The rotary dial of the camera should be on the "F" option before booting the camera, otherwise the option "Video Format" won't be given in the OSD menu)

- Direct button combination on the remote control (see CM40 & CM70 series IR remote Shortcuts)

- WebGUI (See How do I change the HDMI or SDI output resolution of my camera?)

- HTTP API commands (See How do I change the HDMI or SDI output resolution of my camera?)

- and from the rotary dial, as explained below:

It is usually recommended to set up the video output through the WebGUI or the OSD Menu because this is much easier than selecting the video output manually. If it would be not possible, you can however use the rotary dial / select switch with just a simple screwdriver:

You will find that rotary dial on the back of every camera, to manually select a video format (important for the video quality during video recording or streaming) :

System Select

The required settings and output resolutions differ per model, so please have a look in the manual of your product to find the right setting.

CM4x and CM7x series :

System Select Resolutions


A few notes on the select switch:

• The highest video output quality on the CM40- and CM70-series is 1080p60 (setting '0'), on the CM93 it is 

   2160p60 (setting '8').

• The lowest video output quality on the CM40- and CM70-series  is 720p25 (setting '7'), on the CM93 it is

  720p50 (setting '5').

• The setting 'F' is the default setting. If you set the switch to 'F', you can set the video format via the OSD Menu > Video Format, or from the camera web GUI > Video > Output Format. The setting is persistent even after a hard reboot.


• After changing the switch, you need to perform a hard reboot of the camera (unplug it from mains and replug it, not just a soft reboot) to take effect, except on setting F, where all the outputs are defined digitally. 

• 720p30, 720p29.97, and 720p25 are not supported by the SDI and HDMI outputs.