When it comes to control your camera, there are different solutions:

- IR remote control

Note that a remote control can control up to 4 cameras. See CM4x/CM7x IR remote control buttons.

* For advanced configuration, use the OSD (On-Screen Display) given on the camera SDI / HDMI outputs. Press the MENU button on the remote control to open the OSD on the connected display:

(see How can I open the OSD menu of my camera?)

- Serial control 

CM7x series support the common protocols VISCA (RS-232/RS-485) and Pelco-D/P (RS485)

Refer to the camera user manual for VISCA commands.

* It is possible to control several cameras at same time using a daisy chaining network architecture and a controller (like the CON300-IP):

- IP control

CM7x series support the protocol VISCA over IP which allows a laptop, IP controller, 3rd party control solution, etc to control one or several cameras in the same network:

Refer to the camera user manual for VISCA commands

- Also on a IP connection, we can use the HTTP API method when supported (as on CM7x series for example). The HTTP API commands can be tested in two different ways, via a browser window of via Command Line using cURL. More instructions and complete list of commands can be found in the camera user manual.

- Web Gui:

You can set up and operate a camera from its web interface also called WebGui (See How to open the camera's web gui?): adjusting the PTZ control, speed by zoom slider, focus and zoom functionalities, presets and many other configuration options....but please note that for a professional control we would recommend to use another control option as explained above.