Exporting the whole camera configuration into a file can be for instance one method of prevention

To export these parameters in a file, enter into to the camera web GUI (by default on, admin/admin), go to the SYSTEM tab > Import/Export Params option and right-click on the EXPORT button and choose "Save link as..." as shown below:

Exporting parameters

Save that camera configuration file on your PC.

If, on the contrary, you would need to import a camera configuration file, clik on IMPORT and select your file on your PC ("EnvParam_Customized.txt" below is an example of configuration file to import). In few seconds the camera will import the camera configuration file:

Importing parameters

Some settings do not need any reboot to be applied but some do, therefore it might be always best to reboot the camera after importing some new settings. Don't forget that if the camera settings include a different IP address you will need to use that IP address to open again the camera web GUI.