1. Unbox

Be gentle with the moving parts, hold the camera only at the bottom. The camera is packed in a sealed bag, if the seal has been breached, contact Avonic.

2 Webinterface

The webinterface can be found at with the default username “admin” and password “admin”. 

For a detailed guide how to set up your PC to access a device in another subnet, have a look here.

3. Connect a display

If your display doesn’t support the output resolution of the camera you can change this resolution with the rotary switch at the bottom of the camera (0=1080p60, 8=720p30) and restart. You can also use the IR remote to change the resolution of the camera, have a look at these codes: CM40 & CM70 series IR remote Shortcuts

4. For IP cameras only:

This camera is equipped with a physical on/off button. Make sure it’s set to ‘ON’ even when the camera is connected to a PoE switch.

5. On Screen Display

Press “menu” on the remote control (insert 2 LR03 AAA batteries) to go to the “On Screen Display”

6. Configure the camera

• Does your room have changing light conditions? Then choose auto-white balance, otherwise set the white balance to fixed.

• Test which anti-flicker settings gives the best results in your room.

7. Control multiple cameras with 1 remote

Do you have multiple cameras and do you want to control them with 1 remote? The default IR ID is 1. Give every camera a unique IR ID:

• Turn on only camera 2 and press [*] + [#] + [F2].

• Turn on only camera 3 and press [*] + [#] + [F3].

• etc